Reflexology is a specialised form of massage usually performed on the feet (but it can also be done on the hands, ears and face).

My treatment is done on the feet as I find it more effective. Almost any health condition can be helped with Reflexology as the aim of the treatment is to rebalance all body systems.

The concept of reflexology as a medical therapy began in the 19th century based on research by Western scientists into the nervous system. They discovered that health & wellbeing can be influenced via reflex points. 

A treatment takes 45-50 minutes and is performed with the client laying on a massage couch. Only shoes and socks need to be removed for reflexology making it an ideal treatment for clients reluctant to undress.

Reflexology can:

  • calm the mind
  • relax the muscles
  • encourage deep breathing
  • helps over or underacting areas of the body to act normally

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